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Antivirus Security Pro is a fraudulent Antivirus program which returns fake infection alerts to intimidate the computer user. This program is a rogue software which is designed just to extort money from users who don’t know about such scams and easily believe the fake scan alerts. At first, Antivirus Security Pro may look legitimate to you but It is not. It is just designed to look legitimate and no feature in the program work as desired. Those features are just shown there to gain trust of a computer user.

Like all other malware programs, this fake software spreads via Trojans which infect your computer when you are surfing online. Visiting malicious websites and downloading suspicious stuff from Internet is the major reason behind spreading of Antivirus Security Pro. It actually comes bundled with legitimate looking software (or movies, Mp3 Songs, Flash Updates) and once you try to run those software in your PC, this malware program gets activated. Once It is running in your computer, It is capable of blocking everything so that you can’t do anything! This malware is developed by online scammers who are always looking at newer ways to scam computer users.

Once Antivirus Security Pro is running, It will start blocking legitimate applications and show security alerts telling you that application is infected. These security alerts are bogus and generated by the rogue software itself. Then It will start scanning your computer (even without asking to do so) and report large number of false malware infections. It will even block your Antivirus Program which you use daily for protection from viruses and other malware. Screenshot of this virus doing a bogus scan :

After doing a speedy Scan of your computer is less than a minute (which is not possible for a legitimate antivirus application), It will tell you that to remove all those infections you need to buy license of Antivirus Security Pro. You shouldn’t buy this software at any cost because It can’t help you with anything but just take your money.

When you’ll try to remove the threats using Antivirus Security Pro, It will pretend like its removing the threats from your computer and run a progress bar. After a few seconds, It will show an alert saying that :

This is just to motivate you to buy full version of the software. It will ask you to buy full version every now and then. Now when you click on “Buy Full Edition” button, It will take you to the purchase page asking you to buy the software. It is priced at $59.99 for a month’s license while legitimate antivirus programs don’t even charge this amount for a full year! This is just to motivate you into buying a Six Month’s license which is clearly looking cheaper here. If you don’t know this is a rogue scam, you’ll certainly go for $99.99 option to get rid of all the reported threats in your computer. Don’t buy this malware at any cost!

All these characteristics clearly indicate that this is a bogus software just behind after your money. Better invest your money in a genuine program which will save you from such problems in future. This malware is also programmed to detect any legitimate antivirus programs running in your computer and terminate them forcefully. When It gets active in your computer, It adds itself as a  Startup program in your computer. Now when you boot up your computer, it runs itself before any other program and terminates all the programs which you can use against it. Read next part of removal guide to learn how to get rid of this malware very easily.

How To Remove Antivirus Security Pro

Removing Antivirus Security Pro is certainly not fun as it can harm your computer even further. It makes your computer run very slow and In such situation, doing removal of this malware is not that easy. We have tried to run Task Manager to see If we can see the malware process but It blocks everything on the fly. After some testing, we’ve discovered two removal methods which are helpful :

A) Automatic Removal Method

This removal method emphasizes on removing the malware using automated tools and there is a big reason behind using automated tools. By using a genuine malware removal, you can easily remove the malware as well as other Trojans which are hiding in your computer and you can not uncover them without scanning your computer. A genuine anti-malware software will also correct registry entries, file associations, startup entries, desktop icons and other things which can be very tough to do manually. This removal method can be utilized by everyone even with very little computer knowledge. Here are the steps you need to follow (I’m including pictures wherever possible so that you can understand it easily) :

Step 1: This malware tends to interfere with running programs and for this reason, first we need to terminate it forcefully. To do that, Click Here To Download Process Explorer. Process Explorer is a utility from Microsoft which works exactly same as Task Manager and we’ll use this to terminate Antivirus Security Pro. When the download starts, please make sure to save Process Explorer as “explorer.exe” on Desktop.

Please note that It is very important to save the file as Explorer.exe otherwise you won’t be able to run Process Explorer. Explorer.exe is the name of a critical Windows Process and this malware doesn’t tamper with files having this name. I hope, now you understand why you must save Process Explorer as “explorer.exe”.

Step 2: Now double click on Process Explorer (explorer.exe) on Desktop and run it. As soon as you run it, Process Explorer will show all the running processes in your computer and you need to find a process having extremely strange name. See the screenshot below from my computer :

As shown in the image above, select the strange process, right click over it and select “Kill Process Tree”. Click on OK button on appeared dialog box to confirm this. This will terminate Antivirus Security Pro temporarily and now you can proceed further with final removal steps.

Step 3: Now you need to download a genuine anti-malware software called Spy Hunter to scan your computer. To do that, please click on the button below :

After downloading Spy Hunter, run the installer and install it completely in your computer.

Step 4: After installing, do a full scan of your computer by clicking on “Scan Now” button. Now Spy Hunter will scan all the files on your computer and detect all the Trojans and malware which are hiding in your computer. As you can see in the screenshot below, Spy Hunter has automatically detected Antivirus Security Pro as well as a bunch of other threats as well :

Click on “Fix Threats” button and that’s it. Spy Hunter will automatically remove all the threats from your computer as well as their registry entries, startup entries and other malicious stuff. Now the malware is permanently out from your computer and you can use your computer as before.

As you can see, this removal method is easy and guarantees complete removal of malware without any hassles. All you need to do is Scan your computer and fix all the threats.

B) Manual Removal Method

Manual Removal method is only meant for expert computer users and we don’t recommend it to most people. This removal method is risky and It doesn’t guarantee removal of all the threats. Since you need to find everything manually, there is no way you’ll be able to uncover the threats which are hiding in your computer without your knowledge. For this reason, use this removal method at your own risk.

1. First of all, you need to terminate the malware as demonstrated in Automatic Removal method. After that, you can move to Step 2.

2. Please find the malicious files in your computer and remove them from Documents and Settings folder.


3. Correct all the registry entries modified by the malware :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AA2014″ = “%CommonAppData%\7a339gpD\7a339gpD.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run AS2014

After removing registry entries, try to find any backup copies of the malware which might be placed in other folders. Please also note that malware continue to change its way of working and manual removal steps can get outdated at anytime. For this reason, we always recommend Automatic Removal method for maximum safety and security of your computer. Here is why Automatic Removal method is recommended :

a. Automatic Removal is fast, easy and scans all the files on your computer while by using Manual removal method, It is hard to check even a handful folders.

b. Automatic Removal method finds infected files automatically using their signature database while It is impossible to recognize infected files manually.

c. Automatic Removal scans through thousands of files in few minutes while you can’t review each and every file on your computer in few months!

d. Automatic Removal method is risk free as everything is run by a specialized software while In manual removal method, If you delete a file accidently, things can turn more bad for you.

If you’ve any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here. I’ll make sure to respond as soon as I can.

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